Say Hello

My 2 year old got this amazing book for her birthday in March, and I’m just getting around to giving it the attention it deserves.

Say Hello, by Rachel Isadora, published by G.P. Putnam’s Sons, follows Carmelita as she walks to her grandmothers house, saying hello to her neighbors along the way. On her journey we learn to say “hello” in 8 languages and discover just how fun a diverse neighborhood can be. The reader sees shopkeepers, families out for a walk, and kids playing.

There are so many possibilities for conversations about different cultures, different religions, the different ways people may dress, and this could easily be extended by pulling out a map and finding all the places the characters in the book are from. It’s a great way to get your smallest readers engaged in cultural studies. It’s such a great book!

My daughter got this book as a gift from her aunt for her birthday.

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