While I don’t often need an excuse for cooking, a good book is a perfect way to introduce different foods to your kids.

Below is a running list of blog posts about the cooking projects we have done, inspired by the wonderful children’s books we have read.

Too Many Carrots – When we had too many carrots in our garden we made carrot muffins, and read this delightful book, which Big Kid quotes every time she has to share something. Read the post here.

If You Give a Moose a Muffin – one of our favorite breakfast foods in this house is muffins. Big Kid has them alongside a smoothie almost every morning. Read about the muffins we made with this book here.

How to Bake an Apple Pie and See the World, The Apple Pie that Papa Baked , The Apple Pie Tree – Read the post here about the apple pie we made, and the books we read alongside it.

We read Pancakes, Pancakes! while we were waiting for our pancakes to cook one day. Read about it here.

Apple Cake: A Gratitude inspired us to bake an apple cake for guests we had over for dinner. Read about it here.

Strega Nona is the perfect book to pair with pasta of any kind! We made homemade pasta which you can read about here.