LillyBelle: A Damsel Not in Distress

As much as we have tried to avoid princess mania in our house, it has somehow crept in. Big Kid is now very interested in princesses, ballerinas, anything frilly and girly. To be fair, when she’s in a frilly dress she’s usually out in the garden covered in dirt too.

Lilly Belle: A Damsel Not In Distress, by Joana Pastro & Jhon Ortiz is just the kind of princess book we are looking for. Lilly Belle, a damsel, attends a school where she is taught that when captured, she should wait to be rescued. However, when she does get captured by a witch, followed by a giant, followed by an ogre, she does not wait at all. In fact, she uses her wits, cooking skills, singing ability, and good manners to rescue herself, and make some new friends in the process.

The plot in this book moves along at a good pace for pre-school through elementary school-aged children. I love the vocabulary used, as well as the alteration sprinkled throughout. The repetition of a few lines makes this fun to read aloud and if you’re good at reading with different voices for the various characters it would be even better.

After hearing the story for the first time, Big Kid said she liked that LillyBelle was teaching the witch, giant, and ogre good manners. She also thought it was great that LillyBelle is teaching the other students in her school how to be “Damsels NOT in Distress” at the end of the book.

Thank you BookTrib for sending us this wonderful picture book! All opinions of this book are our own.

You can find this book on the “Fearless Females” book list on the “Topical Booklist” page.

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