The Autumn Equinox

It’s Autumn Equinox week in Exploring Nature With Children. This week we read our collection of fall books to celebrate. It has worked out perfectly that Big Kid has been going on a nature walk at school each morning collecting different signs of fall.

Here’s a round up of our favorite fall books:

Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn by Kenard Pak. This is one of my favorites. The matte pages, with gorgeous illustrations make you feel like you have stepped into a fall scene. The girl in this story walks through the woods and her town welcoming the signs of fall she notices, and they speak back to her explaining what they are doing. A beautiful book we read over and over.

Mouse’s First Fall by Lauren Thompson & Buket Erdogan tells the story of a mouse who heads out on a fall day to play in the leaves. The bright illustrations and simple text draw youngsters in a discussion about the colors and activities of fall.

In the Middle of Fall by Kevin Henkes & Laura Dronkek. Bold paintings show the vibrant colors of fall, while simple, lyrical text describes how the middle weeks of fall look and feel. This one truly puts you right in the middle of fall.

Fall by Roger Priddy clearly shows objects closely associated with fall on a solid background with a one-word label. Great for vocabulary building, this book has the added bonus of a different texture on each page for the youngest readers to enjoy.

Fall by Ailie Busby follows a group of children as they see, play, and explore all things fall. The pictures are clear, bright, engaging, and are great for a game of “I spy”. This book has thick pages making it good for babies and young toddlers.

The Autumn Equinox by Ellen Jackson. This is one we will grow into. It discusses different ways people celebrate the Autumn Equinox around the world. This year I read the text myself prior to sitting down to give Big Kid a short summary of each tradition. She enjoyed looking at the pictures

What are your favorite books about fall to share with children?

*All links are Amazon affiliate links.*

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