Our vegetable garden is finally underway, and that means there are bees buzzing around our yard constantly now. Big Kid has been weary of bees since she got stung 2 years ago, and she is also always nervous because I had an allergic reaction to a bee sting the same summer she got stung.However, she also … Continue reading Bees

Moon Week

Next week is Moon Week in Exploring Nature With Children. We are going to spend the week learning about the different phases of the moon, so I pulled some books to help us. Big Kid is very excited. She has been interested in the moon since she was big enough to look out the car … Continue reading Moon Week

The Autumn Equinox

It's Autumn Equinox week in Exploring Nature With Children. This week we read our collection of fall books to celebrate. It has worked out perfectly that Big Kid has been going on a nature walk at school each morning collecting different signs of fall. Here's a round up of our favorite fall books: Goodbye Summer, … Continue reading The Autumn Equinox