Harvest Moon

For Harvest Moon Week in Exploring Nature with Children, we read a few books and did a painting activity. The Harvest Moon for us was on Friday the 13th, but wasn’t yet visible from our house when Big Kid needed to go to bed. I’m excited to try this one again next year when she is a bit older and can have a more “real” experience with it.

The books we read were:

Possum’s Harvest Moon by Anne Hunter – Possum is thrilled to discover the Harvest Moon rising one night so he sets up a party for all his friends. His friends are busy getting ready for winter so decline his invitation.; until they see the big beautiful moon and join him for the last soirée of the year.

Hello, Harvest Moon by Ralph Fletcher & Kate Kiesler – Lyrical, poetic text describes what happens the night of the Harvest Moon. People, animals, and the tides, are all affected by the full moon. There is a lot of great description in here, but no story so it lost Big Kid. Definitely one we will return to going forward.

Pick a Circle, Gather Squares by Felicia Sanzari Chernesky & Susan Swan – Take a ride to and around a pumpkin patch gathering the best of the harvest season. Point out the shapes of different foods, tools, and scenery around the farm along the way. This is a fun one for toddlers who are learning, or have learned about shapes. Big Kid got a kick out of finding the shapes in each picture. The pictures are colorful with an array of rich autumn tones.

After reading we both decided to try our hand at painting a Harvest Moon. I have found Big Kid will paint (or do any activity for that matter) longer when I am doing it along side her. Above what we came up with.

What books did you read to celebrate the Harvest Moon?

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