Dance Like a Leaf

Are you helping a child through the loss of a grandparent? Another relative? If you’re looking for a gentle way to explain the passing of a grandparent or older relative, Dance Like a Leaf, by AJ Irging & Claudia Navarro, is fantastic.

A young girl and her grandmother always enjoyed fall when they would drink warm tea, wrap themselves in scarves, and dance like leaves. As the years pass the girl provides more support for her tired and aging grandmother. One year, when fall comes, Grandma goes to sleep and does not wake up. The girl spends the following year remembering her grandmother and all the things they did together.

Although the girl goes through a range of emotions, which could lead to excellent conversation with little ones, Like a Leaf is a celebration of the good times the girl had with her grandmother. The bright and colorful illustrations are a delight to look at, and add to the celebration. A truly beautiful read to commemorate someone’s life.

Like a Leaf has been added to the “Coping With Loss” book list on the “Topical Book List” page, as well as to my Bookshop Shop on, an online bookstore with a mission to financially support local, independent bookstores by making a donation every time a book is purchased on their site.

Thank you Publisher Spotlight for our copy! We are excited to add this beautiful and touching book to our home.

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