Fungus Week

There’s fungus among us (Sorry! I had to). There really is fungus everywhere, and we’re determined to find it this week with Exploring Nature With Children.

We started off our week visiting Whole Foods for our weekly groceries. Lucky for us they have a “mushroom cave” which we checked out. We also looked at all the different kinds of mushrooms in the produce section and picked out a few to bring home. We will absolutely be getting outside to find mushrooms in nature (that’s the point of this whole thing – to get outside), but this was a fun way to see some varieties of fungus won’t necessary find in our neighborhood.

These are the books we will be checking out this week:

Mushroom in the Rain by Mirra Ginsburg & Jose Aruego & Ariane Dewey. This is a Russian folktale about an ant who gets out of the rain by hiding under a mushroom. He is joined by a variety of other creatures until the rain stops. The ant is puzzled how they were all able to fit, when before, he was barely able to fit himself. A frog laughs at them and asks if they know what happens to a mushroom when it rains. It grows!

We always see a lot more mushrooms around our neighborhood after it has rained for a few days so this was a cute way to introduce that mushrooms need it to be moist to grow. We also probably see more after it’s been rainy because no one has been out mowing their lawns.

Life Cycle of a Mushroom by Angela Royston. A perfect first look at what mushrooms are, where they are found, their parts, and life cycle.

Big Kid will love looking at the pictures in this one. We probably won’t read it cover to cover, but will dip in and out as necessary.

Plants that Never Ever Bloom by Ruth Heller – A great simple introduction, with lyrical text, to a variety of plants that never bloom including fungi, seaweed, lichen, moss, ferns. This is one we will be revisiting in the coming weeks.

You can check out my pinterest board here for some activities we will be doing this week with fungus including a Grow a Mushroom Kit, mushroom sensory bin, making spore prints, dissecting a mushroom, cooking with mushrooms, mushroom 3 part cards, and anything else I find this week.

Have you found any other fungus books for pre-school aged children? Happy fungus hunting!

*All links are Amazon Affiliate links.*

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