Autumn Pond Week

We had a lot of fun with Autumn Pond Week in Exploring Nature With Children. It motivated me to get the kids to the pond near where I grew up in the town next door. Growing up, we were within walking/biking distance to what we called “the duck pond”, so after school hours and many summer days were spent there with the neighborhood kids. For some reason I had never made it with my own kids.

Went as one of our activities for pond week and I’m glad we did. We saw some pond birds, ducks and geese, and were able to talk about some of the trees and plants. We took a water sample that Big Kid used her magnifying glass to look at later and draw. We paired this with Song of the Water Boatman and Other Pond Poems by Joyce Sidman & Beckie Prange, a beautiful Caldecott Honor book containing poems about pond plants and animals which was perfect for this week! We shared these poems on multiple days.

Earlier this week we used a sensory tray with blue play doh and odds and ends to create a pond habitat after reading In the Small, Small Pond by Denise Fleming. This is a great introductory book for toddlers as it quickly introduces them to animals commonly found in a pond, along with the animal’s movements or sounds. It’s a fun one to act out!

Another day Big Kid used her favorite work mat to sort water, land, and air pond plants and animals. We saw just how much overlap there is in a pond ecosystem. We paired this with On Duck Pond by Jane Yolen & Bob Marstall which introduces the pond ecosystem in a lyrical and easy to understand way. The pictures are also beautiful and matched perfectly with the pond ecosystem cards I got from @stephhathawaydesigns on etsy.

This was not a week I was especially excited to dive into, but ended up being so fun and interesting! I love that this curriculum pushes me to explore and learn about things I wouldn’t have otherwise.

What are your favorite books about ponds?

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