Recipes Included

Check out these books you can use to inspire exploration in the kitchen with the recipes included in them.


The Apple Pie Tree by Zoe Hall & Shari Halpern – Follow the life cycle of an apple tree and its robin inhabitants through the year ad two youngsters wait for apples to ripen enough to make a pie. Recipe included.

Applesauce Day by Lisa Amstutz & Talitha Shipman – Follow a family as they pick apples to make applesauce, just as their family has done for at least 3 generations. A recipe is included at the back.

Fall Apples: Crisp and Juicy by Martha E.H. Rustad & Amanda Enright Broken into chapters, this nonfiction picture book explains how apples grow, and a few ways apples can be used. A recipe and glossary are included in the back matter.

How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World by Marjorie Priceman – After finding the market closed, a little girl travels to the source of each ingredient she needs to make an apple pie. A recipe is included in the back matter.

The Apple Pie that Papa Baked by Lauren Thompson – A cumulative story tracing the apples baked into a pie back to their source. The illustrations in this one are delightfully different. A recipe for pie is included in the back matter.


Thunder Cake by Patricia Pollaco


Pizza at Sally’s by Monica WellingtonFollow Sally, and her furry sidekick, as they work to make pizzas at their pizza parlor for hungry customers. This book would be perfect for a trip to a pizza parlor, or even if you’re having pizza for dinner and want to understand how it was made.

Pizza in Pienza by Susan Fillion – A narrative nonfiction picture book about the history of pizza, told in easy to understand language. The beautiful illustrations made me feel like I was in Italy. Back matter includes more information about pizza’s history, as well as a recipe to make your own pie.

Every Night is Pizza Night by J. Kenji Lopez-Alt & Gianna Ruggiero – When one girl’s family pushes her to try something else besides pizza, which she has deemed “the best” food, Pipo sets off to conduct a scientific experiment to prove it. Along the way she discovers there are many bests as she tries a variety of foods made by a diverse cast of characters.

Pizza Day by Melissa Iwai – A little boy spends his day gathering ingredients from his backyard garden, making pizza dough & sauce, and finally putting a pizza together and cooking it, all with his dad’s help. If you’ve ever made homemade pizza, or would like to, this book is sure to be a hit with toddlers-early elementary kids.


Bread Lab, by Kim Binczewski, Bethany Econopouly & Hayelin Choi taught me a lot about the science behind sourdough bread, think microbes releasing bubbles to make bread rise, while also introducing the process of making bread from scratch (without all those hard to pronounce things in store bought bread). All this science and cooking is explained through conversations and observations made by Iris, a girl from mixed-raced parents, and her aunt, while they spend a day together making bread.

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