Red and Lulu

Have you ever seen the Christmas Tree in Rockefeller Center? I live about an hour away and have only been once.  We are hoping to take our girls in the next few years.

Red and Lulu, by  Matt Tavares, tells the story of a happy pair of cardinals who lived in a mighty evergreen tree outside a little house. When their tree is cut down, Red and Lulu are separated despite Red’s best efforts to follow the tree. After searching all over the city, Red follows the faint sound of Christmas Carols and finds Lulu in their now brightly decorated tree. Even when the tree is taken down, Red and Lulu decide to stay in the city and make a new home among new friends, returning each year to Rockefeller Center to enjoy the new year’s tree.

Back matter explains how the tradition of having an evergreen tree at Rockefeller Center started, gives some information about the trees used in the Center now, and tells what happens after the trees are taken down.

This is a beautifully illustrated book. The dazzling red cardinal against the gray sky and cityscapes is stunning. The story is a great way to introduce youngsters to the almost-90 year old  tradition of having a Christmas Tree decorated at Rockefeller Center. I’m so glad we were able to add it to our collection this Christmas Season!

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