Swampfire: A Shockoe Slip Gang Adventure

If you have an older elementary aged child who loves the outdoors and adventures you should look into Swampfire: A Shockoe Slip Gang Adventure by Patricia Cecil Hass, a wholesome tale of three children who find themselves in the middle of a mystery set in a treacherous Virginia swamp. Don’t worry, it all turns out alright.

A brother and sister arrive at their cousin’s farm for summer vacation to find their friend from last year, a child who lives with his parents deep in the nearby swamp, tangled up in a ghostly mystery. They head out for a camping trip and discover what the locals believe to be a ghost, is actually a pure bred Arabian horse who has run away. While trying to save him, they come up against a bear, the game warden, and an out of control swamp fire.

There is some history, geography, and outdoor survival tips woven throughout the text. The word choice would help an upper elementary grade expand his/her vocabulary, but wouldn’t be overly taxing. The plot moves along at a good pace; however I did find myself wanting to know a little more about the characters. Overall a solid book for a developing reader.

Thanks to Book Trib, I’ll be adding this book to my classroom library.

If your child enjoys this book, there are others in the Shockoe Slip Gang Series; this is the second installment.

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