Sion’s Misfortune

Learning about China? Love to read folktales? Trying to have a more positive outlook on life?

Big Kid enjoys  folktales, and this one from China has been no exception. In  Sion’s Misfortune by Chen Jiafei & Wang Ran, Sion, an expert fortune teller is faced with a series of misfortunes to which he replies “For all you know, this might be a good thing.” Time and time again he is correct, and we learn that even when something seemingly bad happens, we need to look for the good that could be right behind it. This is an especially good lesson to have learned in 2020.

Sion’s Misfortune is simply told, and paired with beautiful illustrations. It would be a great addition to a unit on folktales, or while learning about China in the elementary grades.  The repetition of “this could be a good thing” is also a good mindset to teach to youngsters who can easily get caught up in negativity.

Thank you Publisher Spotlight for sharing this book with me! You can find it on my “China” book list on the “Topical Book List” page or on, an online bookstore with a mission to financially support local, independent bookstores by making a donation every time a book is purchased on their site.

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