Fight the Night

Do you have a child that fights the night?

I stumbled upon Fight the Night by the magnificent Tomie dePaola recently in a search for bedtime books. We love Llama Llama Red Pajama, I Just Want to Say Goodnight, and Goodnight Moon, but we needed to change it up. The one is perfect for my almost-4 year old. Little Kid just yells “cat” every time she sees the cat Walter.

When his playtime is cut short because night is falling, Ronald decides to stay up and fight the night. He has a cute nighttime adventure trying to find the Night so they can fight, then spends the whole next day sleeping.

Because this book was originally published in 1968, there are minimal colors on every other page. There is a note explaining why in the back of the book. This information led to a great conversation with Big Kid about how much children’s books have changed over the past 50 years.

If you’re in the market for a new bedtime read check this one out. It’s been added to the “Bedtime” book list on the “Topical Book List” page of my blog.

This book can be found in my Bookshop Shop here.

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