The Distance Learning Playbook for Parents: How to Support Your Child’s Academic, Social, and Emotional Development in Any Setting

Distance Learning, Hybrid Model, Virtual Learning, Synchronous Learning, Asynchronous Learning. These words have become part of many of our vocabularies over the past 6 months.

As I have headed back to teaching, I have seen first hand the impacts this new education system is having on children and families. Some are positive, and some are negative.

On the positive side, I have been more involved with parents this year than ever before. There are parents I speak with and collaborate with daily so I can provide the best virtual learning experience for their child. I have seen parents take more of an interest in their child’s learning and provide them with more educational opportunities outside of school hours.

I have also seen children who have become unmotivated, spend time arguing with their parents during school sessions, parents who have become overwhelmed with job stress added to their child’s school stress, added to this new lifestyle we are forced to live.

The Distance Learning Playbook for Parents: How to Support Your Child’s Academic, Social, and Emotional Development in Any Setting by Rosalind Wiseman, Douglas Fisher, Nancy Frey & John Hattie, coming out October 2 is a timely, and much-needed resource for parents who are navigating this new educational system.

The book is well organized, well thought out, approachable without a lot of jargon, and provides real-life examples. The pages are well laid out and provide parents with information so they can be partners with their children in their education, as well as partners with their children’s teachers.

I truly believe this world-wide health crisis can help us revamp our educational system into a system that works for more students and families, if only we slow down and build relationships, collaborate, open ourselves up to new ideas and ways of doing things, and get creative. This book will help parents on this journey.

You can find this book on my Bookshop shop on the parents’ resource list.

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