Learning Seashore Animals – Lesson 3

After reading chapter 3 in The Burgess Seashore book for Children we looked at some reference books to find out more about shore birds and tattlers in particular.

We are having so much fun using Learning Seashore Animals from Simple Studies as a guide for our seashore learning. You can check out more about how we’re using the curriculum here. Big Kid is now more excited than ever to go to the beach and observe the wildlife. In the afternoon she’s running back to the house to identify what she finds.

Beachwalk (pictured open) is a fun book to actually bring up to the beach because it contains activities like treasure hunts, games, things to look for, directions for building a sand castle, art ideas, along with clear photographs for reference.

You can check out the books we will be using alongside this curriculum at my Bookshop shop in the “Seashore Animals” list.

You can also see what we’ve read for other lessons using the Learning Seashore Animals link at the top of the page.

*Links may be affiliate links, meaning I may earn a small commission if you order through a link, which allows me to continue to buy new books to review.*

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