Learning Seashore Animals – Nonfiction

What seashore reference books are your favorite?

These are the ones we are keeping handy as we work through Learning Seashore Animals with The Burgess Seashore Book for Children. I chose these for our study because of their beautiful, detailed illustrations, their appeal to young children, and their “fun fact” style. They are not dense research materials, we’re not ready for those yet.

Seashells, Crabs and Seastars by Christiane Kump Tibbitts & Linda Garrow – a great beginner field guide to the seashore. We have already utilized this a few times to identify shells we found at the beach. Out of this list of books, this one has the most text, but you can dip in and out.

The Seashore by Gallimard Jeunesse, Elizabeth Cohat & Pierre de Hugo – I LOVE this series of books. We have a bunch and they are fabulous. They are engaging (with several clear overlays adding depth throughout) and provide just the right amount of information for budding scientists.

Hidden World: Ocean by Libby Walden & Stephanie Fizer Coleman – A fun twist on lift-the-flap books. Each page shows 6 animals based on a category. When you lift the flap each animal is on, you see a more detailed illustration of that animal, along with a fun fact.

The Big Book of Blue by Yuval Zommer – Beautifully illustrated, humorously written (heading: “What on earth is krill?”), informative, inclusive, and wonderfully organized book about all things in the deep blue seas (and oceans). I could, and have, spent hours looking at this book.

My Very First Seas and Oceans Book by Matthew Oldham & Jane Newland- This is a book from another great series Big Kid loves. We have learned so much from this book all about the creatures, tides, seashores, and geography that make up the oceans and seas. I also appreciate the pages are a little thicker than normal books so it holds up better to little people.

Look! Fish! by Stephanie Calmenson & Puy Pinillos – This isn’t as much reference as it is fun poems about various fish you find in the sea. Little Kid is very into this one right now.

You can find links to see what we’re reading for other lessons as part of Learning Seashore Animals on the “Seashore Animal” page above.

You can get links to order the books we will be using alongside this curriculum at my Bookshop shop in the “Seashore Animals” list.

*Links may be affiliate links, meaning I may earn a small commission if you order through a link, which allows me to continue to buy new books to review.*

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