Learning Seashore Animals – Lesson 2

Do you have a favorite shore bird? Sandpipers are definitely one of my favorites to watch scamper along the shoreline.

Today we did lesson 2 in Learning Seashore Animals which corresponds to Chapter 2 in The Burgess Seashore Book for Children. In this chapter Danny Meadow Mouse encounters a sandpiper and tries to get his bearings while scurrying around the marsh.

After reading this chapter, we read At the Beach by Anne Rockwell and Harlow Rockwell. This delightfully simple book captures the joys of a day at the beach as a young girl explains what she has with her, as well as what they do and see. We especially like when the girl follows sandpipers down the beach, making footprints right alongside theirs.

Since doing this lesson we have been on the hunt for sandpipers, but have so far been unsuccessful in finding any. We have, however, been making plenty of footprints of our own as we run around in the surf.

You can find links to see what we’re reading for other lessons as part of Learning Seashore Animals on the “Seashore Animal” page above.

You can get links to order the books we will be using alongside this curriculum at my Bookshop shop in the “Seashore Animals” list.

*Links may be affiliate links, meaning I may earn a small commission if you order through a link, which allows me to continue to buy new books to review.*

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