Our little pea plants are starting to flower, so we will soon have fresh peas on our table! Luckily, both girls love to eat peas in any form, so this will be exciting for them.

I pulled these two books featuring peas off our shelves to read with the kids before we harvest.

Little Pea by Amy Krouse Rosenthal & Jen Corace – I remember Big Kid loving this adorable book last year too, this year it’s making her giggle and screech with delight when we get to the “dessert” page.

The Story: Little Pea is like any other child, he doesn’t want to eat what’s for dinner, which in his case is candy. He forces 5 pieces of candy down, and is rewarded with dessert, spinach! We love the simple, bold illustrations and the silly story line.

First Peas to the Table by Susan Grigsby & Nicole Tadgell – I have not read this one to Big Kid yet, I feel it’s a bit over her head, but it’s great for this time of year so wanted to share. I have used it very successfully with elementary aged children of all ages.

The Story: A group of elementary school children learn about a contest Thomas Jefferson used to have with his friends to see who could grow an entire bowl of peas the quickest in the spring. The children in the class have their own contest, each trying different ways to grow peas more quickly. This is a great book which infuses history and science.

What’s your favorite book featuring peas?

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