Caterpillar Week

So yes, I am posting this week after I posted all our butterfly activities, cause you know, life.

We had fun looking for caterpillars during caterpillar week with Exploring Nature With Children, but unfortunately came up empty handed. We enjoyed learning about them anyway with the help of these books:

Common Critters (open in picture) by Pat Brisson & Dan Tavis – This is a delightful poem book filled with poems about animals, birds and insects, all which can be found in your own backyard. I really appreciate that these are critters we see everyday, and not critters from faraway places, as so many animal poem books are. The illustrations, while not necessarily realistic, are fun and kept Big Kid entertained. The poems are creative, rhythmic and super fun to read aloud. We read about 10 when we first got the book, and have been dipping into it since when we talk about a certain critter. This is a fun book to have around for nature study.

Caterpillars by Robyn Green & Sadie Pascoe – This is an awesome first nonfiction book about caterpillars. There is one simple sentence on each page accompanied by a large, detailed, and labeled illustrations. A variety of caterpillars are showcased throughout the book.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle – A true classic, this book tells the story of a little caterpillar who hatches from an egg and spends his week eating anything he can find. At the end of the week he makes a cocoon and hatches as a beautiful butterfly. Everything about this book is perfect. I recommend getting the board book!

Caterpillars, Bugs and Butterflies by Mel Boring & Linda Garrow – These take-along guides are a fun way to learn about different creatures, as well as learn how to use a field guide. Eight caterpillars, 12 bugs, and 10 butterflies and moths are included with a description, illustrations, and other useful facts.

Caterpillar Dreams by Clive McFarland- Henri the caterpillar has big dreams of grand adventures. His animal pals help him start his adventure leaving the yard, tunneling under a street, and crossing a pond. When Henri spots a balloon and climbs on, he gets trapped in his cocoon and falls asleep. Where will he go once he emerges as a butterfly? Home, of course!

What books did you use with your caterpillar study?

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