Butterfly Week – Butterflies of the World

Butterfly week is coming with Exploring Nature With Children! I posted about butterfly symmetry, the life cycle of a butterfly, and parts of a butterfly already this week. We are also going to be looking at butterflies around the world.

A big part of what Big Kids teachers have been discussing during distance learning is different continents – landmarks, animals, art, people, landforms. We’ve used this map frequently over the past few months to extend that learning. I figured it would be a good way to look at the diversity of butterflies too!

I got the butterfly poster and cards from Montessori Nature as part of their butterfly pack. Luckily each butterfly is circled with the color corresponding to the continent it is from, I would never remember them all!

We also read these two great books:

A Place for Butterflies by Melissa Stewart & Higgins Bond – This book is packed with butterfly information. The main text discusses conservation – how humans can help maintain butterfly populations (having gardens, protecting forests, avoiding harmful chemicals). On each spread there is also a section discussing different types of butterflies found in the United States. The pictures in this book are stunning.

The Journey: Stories of Migration – Cynthia Rylant – This is a collection of short informational essays, if that’s the right word, about animal, bird, and insect migrations around the world. This time we are only going to focus on the butterfly section, which has beautiful illustrations, as well as interesting and appealing information for youngsters.

What kind of butterflies do you see in your neighborhood?

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