Butterfly Week – Parts of a Butterfly

Butterfly week is coming with Exploring Nature With Children! I posted about butterfly symmetry and the life cycle of a butterfly already this week. Next up we’re talking about the parts of a butterfly.

If you’ve been following along, you know 3-year old Big Kid was attending a darling little Montessori school a few mornings a week before we entered lockdown. She continues to do distance learning, and has fallen in love with making little booklets about plants, animals, places, anything really. I found these great parts of a butterfly cards on Montessori Nature as part of their butterfly pack. Big Kid loved coloring each part according to the label (using the parts of a butterfly poster which was in the Garden Schooling Bundle available earlier this spring from Love at Home Education).

We paired it with Are You a Butterfly by Judy Allen & Tudor Humphries.

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