Snail Week

I must admit, I have never found a snail here in New Jersey. This year we have the time and motivation to really hunt around our backyard, so I hope we are successful!

I know we are a few weeks behind in Exploring Nature With Children. We are still getting into a routine with distance learning – so Big Kid can see her friends, daddy working from home, and therefore, having a little more time to play, and not being able to skip off to the library any old time we want. Luckily, we have had good weather and plenty of time to be outside, so we are getting back into ENWC.

For snail week I pulled the following books from our own collection, and one I had the foresight to snag from the library before it closed:

Snail Trail by Ruth Brown – See the world through a snail’s eyes as he makes the long and harrowing journey around a garden. Big Kid loved the twist at the end of this book when she realized he had only gone around the garden seeing various garden tools and plants.

The Biggest House in the World by Leo Lionni – When a young snail wishes for the biggest house in the world, his father tells him a cautionary tale about another little snail who had wished for the same thing, but came to regret the decision when he couldn’t travel with his family and was left to wither away. Leo Lionni’s stories are always sweet, with beautiful illustrations, and leave you with a lesson learned.

The Snail’s Spell by Joanne Ryder & Lynne Cherry – An imaginary tale of a boy playing in a garden who pretends to shrink to the size of a snail learning all about their bodies and habits along the way.

We also love this poem and painting from Family in Wanderland, and these snail number cards from Living Montessori Now.

What books are you reading for snail week?

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