Wordless Book Wednesday – Fossil

Big Kid was learning about rocks, minerals, and fossils in pre-school before everything shut down a few weeks ago. She was loving it, so when I saw Fossil, a wordless book by Bill Thompson, I grabbed it on our last run to the library. We have read it a few times since, and have tried making “fossils” of our own.

Fossil tells the story of a boy on a walk with his dog who accidentally breaks a fossil, only to find it come to life. He goes on to purposefully break two more fossils resulting in a fern, a dragonfly, and a pteranodon all coming to life. When he realizes he is in over his head he must find a way to destroy the prehistoric creatures before it’s too late.

As in all of Bill Thompson’s books, the artwork in Fossil is stunning. He uses bright colors to make the most realistic looking illustrations.

Definitely check this one out if you have a rock or dinosaur lover in your life. You can see other wordless books we like on the “wordless book” page of the blog.

You can also see some other dinosaur books we read here, and about rocks here.

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