The Changing Seasons

Being in quarantine has encouraged us to get out and walk around the neighborhood more slowly each day no matter what the weather. Big Kid is noticing more than she ever has before. We’ve been able to see the buds on trees and bushes open a little more each day, little sprouts grow a bit daily and finally open into beautiful daffodils or crocus, tiny leaves appear on trees and turn the trees a little more green every time we look. We have actually seen spring come this year.

I pulled out some books about the changing seasons this week so we could extend what we’ve seen on our walks. These are the ones we’ve been enjoying:

From My Window I See…the Seasons by Dr. Barbara Cavanagh & Jess Porta – There is a lot of the world you can see right from your window, especially the changing seasons. This is the first book in a series about nature you can see from your window. Two girls are seen staring out their window, at first asking questions about why leaves change color and why in winter branches have no leaves at all. The girls then go on to describe what they see each season, and how they cannot possibly pick a favorite one. This book can be a jumping off point for a lot of great discussion about changing season and other nature topics. Check back on the blog soon for a book review of this one!

Sing a Season Song by Jane Yolen & LIsel Jane Asklock – A an ode to the beauty, differences, and cyclical nature of the seasons paired with stunning paintings make this a book you will want to read year round.

Sing a Song of Seasons by Nosy Crow, Fiona Waters & Frann Preston-Gannon – Three hundred sixty six nature poems, one for each day of the year, from a mix of well and lesser known poets are shown alongside mixed media illustrations which makes this a fun book to read aloud from daily.

Sky Tree by Thomas Locker – I have shared this one before, but it deserves sharing again. Poetic text and a question accompanies each painting of the same tree as it changes through the seasons. This is a perfect book for talking about how the changing seasons effect trees.

What books do you share with your family as the seasons change?

*All links are Amazon Affiliate links.*

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