Wordless Book Wednesday – Changes, Changes

Why We Read It: I love watching Little Kid play! She is almost 1 and loves to just tinker with things. She plays with blocks, nesting jars, Magnatiles, Lego Duplo, and any lose parts she can find. She tries to fit things inside other things, screw lids on, make blocks stick together, and has started stacking objects.

When I saw Changes, Changes by Pat Hutchins I knew it would be perfect for us to read as a family.

The Story: A man and a woman build a house of blocks. When the house catches fire, they move some of the blocks around to make a firetruck. After putting out the fire, they realize there is too much water and need to build a boat. The changes continue until they are happily in a house again at the end of the book.

The simple illustrations provide just enough information for toddlers to “read” this story on their own. Big Kid loved reading it at bedtime last night to her younger sister.

What It Inspired: Little Kid is on the other side of the room tinkering away again with Tegu blocks. This time, Big Kid has joined her and is showing her how they can use the blocks to build different things.

To check out more wordless books we love visit the “Wordless Books” page.

What do your kids enjoy building with?

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