Claude Monet

Big Kid has been learning about Claude Monet at preschool, meaning his art is displayed and one of the art projects she can choose to do is inspired by his painting “Waterlilies and Japanese Bridge”.

I like to extend what she’s doing at school when possible. The Usborne Art Treasury has made that easy! There is an easy to do project for each of the major artists they feature, as well as some background information about the artist and his/her work.

I also like to pair a read aloud with each artist, and I was delighted to find A Blue Butterfly which uses poetic language and a very Monet color palate to introduce his life and work. It is short and sweet, perfect for my two little ladies. The illustrations are works of art themselves.

When Big Kid wakes up from her nap we’re going to try the Monet project suggested in the Usborne Art Treasury.

What artists do you love reading about at your house?

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