I Walk With Vanessa

I Walk With Vanessa, by Kerascoet, is a wonderful wordless story for anytime of year, but it fits in perfectly with our #kidslitkindnesschallenge this month. This book can jump start so many conversations about what it is to be kind, how a simple act of kindness can change the trajectory of someone’s life, about bullying and being an upstander, and so much more. This is one I will be pulling out periodically at home, as well as one I will use in my classroom when I head back to teaching next year.

The Story: Vanessa starts at a new school and does not have anyone to walk with her when she heads home. On her way she is stopped by a boy who yells at her, and you can see on her face just how distraught the situation makes her. Another young girl, in a group playing nearby, sees the encounter and spends the rest of the night thinking about it. You can tell by her facial expressions she is deeply upset by what she saw. The next morning, the girl goes to Vanessa’s door and walks with her to school. Because the girl is walking with her, the other children at school begin to accept her and walk with her as well. All it takes is one person’s act of kindness to change how everyone views Vanessa.

The pictures are darling and perfect for telling this story without words. They focus on what is happening with the children without a lot of background to distract you from the action.

This is one that has stayed with me, and one that caused Big Kid to really think about what is means to be kind. I highly recommend it!

To check out the other books and activities we are doing for our kindness project you can read the blog post about it here.

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