Earthworm Week

We love worms around this house because they help keep our vegetable garden healthy, so we’re very excited that next week is earthworm week in Exploring Nature With Children. Our earthworms have not appeared yet, but we’ll be learning about them so we’re ready when they do show up. We also compost with worms in our basement using a worm farm so anytime is a good time for us to learn about worms.

These are the books we’ll be using along with hands on activities. We might even make some “dirt with worms” to have for dessert at the end of the week.

Worms by Sian Smith – This is an awesome nonfiction rhyming book about worms. It pairs illustrations with big clear photographs, and shares a lot of information about worms in easy to understand language. There is a table of contents, index and large page numbers all perfect for introducing those concepts to toddlers.

Diary of a Worm by Doreen Cronin & Harry Bliss -Written in the form of a diary, this fiction story follows a worm as he goes about his daily life digging tunnels, eating homework, staying away from danger, and spending time with his friends. While this is a purely fantastical story, there are facts scattered throughout and it could start some great conversations about the lives of earthworms.

Yucky Worms:Read and Wonder by Vivian French & Jessica Ahlberg – When his grandmother finds a worm in her garden, a young boy tells her she must throw it away. What follows is a lesson on the importance of earthworms, how they live, how their bodies work, and what they do underground. Facts about worms are set apart from the main text. The illustrations are gentle and appealing.

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