Special Delivery! Delivery, by Aaron Meshon was our favorite Valentine’s Day Book last year, and is gearing up to be a favorite again this year.

The Story: Delivery is the nearly wordless (3 words in the beginning, and 2 at the end) book that tells the story of a grandmother, and her trusty cat, who bake cookies for her grandson, just days before Valentine’s Day. She sends the box of cookies out into the world where it travels by boat, submarine, helicopter, and train, among other modes of transportation, to reach its final destination. This story ends with a fun twist that makes Big Kid giggle every time we read it.

What It Inspired: After reading Delivery, Big Kid and I are going to make Valentine Cookies to deliver to her grandparents. I found these adorable little heart bags just sitting in the cabinet! I know the cookies will bring a lot of joy to her grandparents. They love everything she makes!

Are you delivering anything special to family for Valentine’s Day?

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