Wordless Book Wednesday – Flora and the Penguin

The Book: Flora and the Penguin by Molly Idle, Caldecott honor illustrator of Flora and the Flamingo

Why We Read It: We have been slip sliding on ice around here this week just like Flora and her penguin friend. Our world froze over the weekend after 60+ degree days last week.

What it Inspired: We pulled out our penguin figures and cards for some matching fun. We also played with the penguin figures in ice water so Little Kid could join in the fun.

The Story: A little girl on an ice flow sees a small orange beak peeking up through a hole. When the penguin appears, they join hands and glide, spin, and twirl together. When the penguin spots a school of fish in the water below, he leaves the girl feeling dejected. She throws the fish the penguin brings her back into the water and the pair stay mad at each other until they figure out how to solve the problem. Subdued illustrations in shades of blue, white, and yellow tell this story of friendship beautifully without any words.

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