Wordless Book Wednesday – Red Sled

The Book: The Red Sled by Lita Judge

Why We Read It: We are still anxiously anticipating a big snowfall here in New Jersey, big enough to break out the sled and go for a ride.

What It Inspired: Big Kid loaded some animals into a shoebox and took them for a ride all over our house.

The Story: We have read this one at least a dozen times since we got it from the library last week. Big Kid finds it hysterical, and even Little Kid loves looking at the pictures.

A little girl leaves her red sled outside her house when she goes in for the night. Using the onomatopoeias in this otherwise wordless book, the reader follows a variety of animals on their sledding adventure, some looking quite frightened as they hang on for dear life. The next morning, after the animals have returned the sled, the little girl finds footprints in the snow. She watches from the window, and has her own adventure at the end, which always makes Big Kid giggle.

For a list of other wordless books we love, check out the “Wordless Books” page.

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