Winter Sky

To start off the new year we are learning about the winter sky with Exploring Nature With Children. Our main focus for the winter sky will be snow and how the daylight hours are short during this time of year.

We’ll be using the books below to help us explore. Hopefully we’ll also get some snow of our own to investigate soon.

The Story of Snow by Mark Cassino – A nonfiction book that will answer your questions about snow including what snow crystals look like and how snow crystals are formed. Answers are accompanied by photographs, illustrations, and diagrams.

Snowflake Bently by Jacqueline Briggs Martin – A biography of Wilson “Snowflake” Bently who spent much of his life photographing snowflakes, proving no two are the same, and that each one is beautiful in it’s own way. The woodcut illustrations won this book the 1999 Caldecott Medal.

Snow by Uri Shulevitz – A simple story of a boy who tries excitedly to tell everyone around him it is starting to snow.  No one believes a few snowflakes will amount to anything; however, the boy has faith and is truly delighted when the city becomes enveloped in snow.

Snow by Cynthia Rylant – A sweet lyrical book about the feelings snow brings, how each snow is different, and how snow looks. Beautiful illustrations of a young girl, her friend, and her grandmother accompany the text.

The Shortest Day by Susan Cooper & Carson Ellis – Newbery Medal Winner Susan Cooper’s poem about the winter solstice is brought to life by Caldecott Honoree Carson Ellis’ illustrations. The poem captures early people’s traditions surrounding the solstice including lighting candles, playing music, and building fires while hoping the daylight would find it’s way back to them.

I am curious to check out the one below, but unfortunately our library doesn’t have it. Maybe I will be able to track it down for next year. You can also find many of his images online.

Snowflakes in Photographs by W. A. Bently – Contains Bently’s original images of snowflakes.

A free copy of my book list including fiction, nonfiction, and poetry about snow will be coming soon. Check back in a few days!

*All links are Amazon Affiliate links.*

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