Winter Birds

It’s winter bird week in Exploring Nature With Children. Here’s our book line up with books for both Big Kid (3yo) and Little Kid (9mos).

Bird Count by Susan Edwards Richmond & Stephanie Fizer Coleman – Ava has been looking forward to the yearly bird count at Christmas time, and is even more excited when she gets put in charge of recording the birds she, her mother, and Big Al see. Follow along with Ava as she sees a variety of different birds in the woods, in a neighborhood, and at a pond.

This book is a bit long for a 3 year old, but kept my daughter’s interest the whole time. She liked being able to see the growing list of birds kept on the right side of the page. The illustrations are also beautiful. We had a good time trying to spot and count the birds in the pictures. We will definitely revisit this one again and again.

The Birds of Bethlehem by Tomie dePaola – This one is perfect for this time of year because it tells the story of the nativity from the point of view of a group of birds who witnessed it from different vantage points. There isn’t any nonfiction information about the birds, but ties in perfectly for this time of year.

Baby’s First Book of Birds & Colors by Phyllis Limbacher Tildes – We love this one for so many reasons. Each spread highlights a different color, showing realistic drawings of birds that are that color. The plants they are perched on are also the same color. So, its great for a toddler learning to identify different colors.

The birds are realistically illustrated and clearly labeled. We have used the pages to match with our safari toob backyard birds. This is a great beginning bird identification book.

Hello World: Birds by Jill McDonald – This is one of a great series of board books for toddlers about a variety of nonfiction topics. This one showcases more than just backyard birds and gives bits of nonfiction information about each species. The illustrations are bright and appealing to younger children.

What books are you using for bird week this week?

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