Action Jackson

The Book: Action Jackson by Jan Greenburg, Sandra Jordan, & Robert Andrew Parker alongside The Usborne Art Treasury by Rosie Dickins & Nicola Butler

Why We Read It: Big Kid is learning about Jackson Pollock at preschool by exploring the ways he painted. I wanted to extend this at home with some process art.

What It Inspired: Painting of course! We used small paint brushes, watered down paint, paper, and some eye droppers to explore how he painted. I would like to do the same project again in the summer when we can do it outside on bigger paper.

The Story: This is the story of how Jackson Pollock began work on the painting that would be called “Number 1, 1950” or “Lavender Mist”. His process is described alongside biographical information. I learned a lot about him reading this book.

Be sure to check out the back matter in this book for some fascinating information about Pollock and his work!

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