Autumn Tree Study

This week is Autumn Tree week in Exploring Nature with Children. We are all fighting colds, so we have not done as much as we usually do with our weekly theme, but I know this is something the pops up 4 times a year, so will not be overlooked.

I was very excited for this week because I got to pull out the tree puzzle (top right corner of below picture) my grandfather made for us when we were little. I’m so blessed to have it!

The books we looked at this week are:

Because of an Acorn by Lola M. & Adam Schaefer & Fren Preston-Gannon – a tree’s life starts as an acorn, but becomes so much more to the ecosystem around it. I love the beautiful illustrations in this one, and how is shows how everything in nature is connected.

Tell Me, Tree by Gail Gibbons – The master of nonfiction books for children tells us everything we need to know about trees in an easy to understand format with clearly labeled illustrations. Gibbons’ books are also great to teach nonfiction text features.

Sky Tree by Thomas Locker – pairs gorgeous paintings of the same tree as seasons change, with soothing text which helps evoke so many feelings about the tree. Discussion questions are also included on each page to help start a conversation. We used this as an invitation to paint our own autumn trees.

Tree by Penelope Arlon – Bright photographs are matched with captions and text on and under flaps which help keep young readers engaged while learning all about trees.

The Tree by Christian Brountin – We love this series of books which has clear photographs of the topic on a white background, matched with concise information that teaches so much. The clear overlays throughout allow readers to peek inside some of the objects while they read.

What are your favorite books about trees?

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