Pancakes, Pancakes!

Who knew so much went into making pancakes!

Big Kid and I make pancakes together most weekends. She loves to pour, measure, and mix right now, although she generally scampers off to play when it comes to the actual cooking part.

This weekend I left Pancakes, Pancakes! by Eric Carle laying on the counter while we cooked. She started to look through it and then while I was cooking the pancakes, ran off to have her dad read it to her.

We have read it at bedtime a few nights since.

The story follows a boy who asks his mother for a large pancake for breakfast. She sends him to get wheat to grind into flour, eggs, milk, jam, everything you would need for a pancake. Finally, his mother walks him through how to cook a pancake and in the end he gets to eat with a smile on his face.

We enjoyed reading this one and talking about what is the same and what is different about the way we make pancakes and the way they were made in the book. Great discussion point!

What books do you like to cook with?

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