Henri’s Scissors

Big Kid got ShapeScapes for Christmas. I have pulled them out a few times since then, but she didn’t have much interest. This week I pulled them out again and put them in our “learning basket”. She is now fascinated by them. She has spent countless hours, mostly with dad, building sculptures and moving the pieces around. She does need some help putting the pieces together sometimes, but not enough to discourage her from creating.

The shapes included in the set remind me of Henri Matisse’s later work with cut outs. They paired perfectly with the children’s biography Henri’s Scissors, which largely focuses on his later work in a way young toddlers can understand and appreciate. The pictures are vibrant and interesting to look at. There are only a few lines on a page and the reader is not overloaded with facts. This is a great beginning biography!

What is your favorite beginning biography for toddlers?

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