Summer Pond Study

I had such a hard time narrowing down the books I wanted to use this week with Exploring Nature With Children. The literature set in, or about ponds for toddlers is wonderful! I tried to mix some old favorites in with new finds. This is what we ended up with:

We were also able to do some activities at home before heading out into nature so Big Kid was able to become familiar with the animal/plant names and what we might encouter.

This set I had from my classroom when I used to teach about habitats and trout. It worked perfectly with our pond study.

Big Kid also worked on some 3-part cards from She enjoyed trying to teach 5 month old Little Kid the names of the animals and plants on each card.

Mid week we visited a county park with an incredible exploration room, which had: a beaver lodge replica we could play in, pond animal puppets, a magnetic wall painted like a pond where we could move animals around (air/water/land), and other interactive activities. We also got to hike around a pond on the property.

We got real lucky this week when I found out our local nature preserve was having “Brookside Story Time” near a pond (no idea why it’s called “Brookside”) on Friday. It was the perfect way to wrap up pond week. We got to explore the pond, see a beaver damn, an egret, and explore the vegetation.

We were busy this week, but it was so fun, and I think Big Kid learned a lot!

What books did you read about ponds last week?

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