Books About Trucks

I pulled out a puzzle the other day for Big Kid to try, mostly because she hasn’t tried any in a while. Her interest in puzzles comes and goes, but I think puzzles are a great way to teach problem solving skills, determination, and visual discrimination. They’re also just fun!

The puzzle I grabbed happened to be a construction site. This got Big Kid asking about the different names of the trucks in the picture. I didn’t know all of them so we pulled out some truck books to see if they could help. We spent way more time with the books than we did with the puzzle, which is fine by me!

These are the books we used, and our thoughts on each one:

Digger, Dozer, Dumper by Hope Vestergaard – This board book contains poems about a variety of trucks. I loved it because I often struggle to include poetry in our days. I’ve said before I don’t love poetry, but I’m trying to include it more and learn to appreciate it. These were great little poems. Big Kid did not want to sit through the whole book at one time, but we have revisited it multiple times since we pulled it out.

Let’s Go Rescue Trucks! by Scholastic – Big Kid LOVED this one because the wheels turn. She grabs this one every day to look at and read now; she has most of it memorized. This book introduces different rescue vehicles and pairs each with a rhyming line of text. The illustrations are big and bold, so Little Kid enjoys looking at it with us.

The other two truck board books are more straightforward in naming types of trucks. My First Trucks has clear photographs, each labeled with the name, and some with different parts of the truck.

Baby Touch and Feel Trucks has a picture of a truck on each page labeled with its name, and the sound it makes. Part of each spread is a different texture, making this a great one for Little Kid. She spent time looking at this one by herself.

What’s your favorite book about trucks?

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