Too Many Carrots

Have you ever had too many carrots? Well, we did. Our garden was overflowing with carrots, just when our farm share started throwing them in every week. Big Kid and I decided the only logical thing to do would be to bake carrot muffins. We love a good muffin in our house, and I love when there is the added benefit of vegetables in them. This is the recipe we used.

Halfway through the process Big Kid looked at me and said “Mommy, we have too many carrots! Just like the book”. I love when she makes these connections on her own. She ran right upstairs with her sticky fingers and grabbed the book off her bookshelf, dragging it downstairs to read once we were done.

I try to include Big Kid as much as possible in cooking at our house. She learns so many valuable skills: math, nutrition, science, language, vocabulary, gross motor skills, fine motor skills, practical life skills, and she gets to smell and taste new things.

These were absolutely delicious! And we got to read the book Too Many Carrots, by Katy Hudson, while we devoured them.

This cautionary tale is about a rabbit who hoards carrots to the point he can’t fit inside his rabbit hole anymore. His gracious friends allow him to stay at their places, one by one, until he and his carrots have ruined each of their homes. Finally, he realizes carrots aren’t for keeping, they are for sharing, a refrain Big Kid has taken to using when she shares with someone. Big Kid chooses this as a bedtime read a lot. There are a lot of onomatopoeias, so read correctly, it is very fun. The pictures are fun, and Big Kid has learned some new vocabulary words along the way.

What do you or your child like to collect?

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