Nonfiction Beach Book Challenge Books

There are hundreds of great nonfiction books for children about the beach and ocean life. Children seem to be intrigued by the sea, possibly because it is so mysterious, lying just out of our sight.

I chose the following nonfiction books because they have lifelike or real pictures/illustrations, they provide factual information in a simple, straightforward way, they are visually pleasing, and the information is at the right level for Big Kid at a precocious 2 1/2. She is in full on sponge mode. She sucks up every bit of information she hears or sees, and spits it back out when you least expect it. Keeps us on our toes!

Here is the list:

Hidden World: Ocean by Libby Walden – This one will be used for years to come. Hidden World: Ocean is one of a series of books which presents factual information in a concise way, and adds in the fun of flaps. You can see in the picture, there is an ocean animal on the outside of each flap. When the flap is opened, there is information about that animal, as well as more illustration. We had a lot of fun with this one.

ABC Oceans by American Museum of Natural History – We have a few of this series in our permanent collection. Big Kid has been interested in letters lately, and The American Museum of Natural History has published these on a variety of topics. ABC Oceans has photographs, and shares a fact about one animal per letter of the alphabet. The photos are stunning, and really helped Big Kid visualize what each animal would look like in its natural environment.

My Very Fist Seas and Oceans Book by Matthew Oldham – This book contains a lot more information than the two prior, but it is still very kid friendly. This reference book will grow with us.

The Seashore by Pierre de Hugo – This book, one of the “My First Discoveries” series, is particularly fun because it has transparent pages throughout, hiding, then revealing illustrations that give more information. We have a few of these and absolutely love them! The information in this book is informative, succinct, and interesting, without being overwhelming.

Look! Fish! by Stephanie Calmenson – I wasn’t quite sure what I was getting into when I ordered this book, but it looked fun. I was thrilled to find it contained fun poems about a variety of fish. I admit I am not a huge poetry lover, but these are light and fun, and a perfect way to add some poetry and facts into our ocean study.

These are all books we will continue to reference, and go back to year after year as we go to the beach. I’m sure with each passing year we will gain different insights, and take new information from them.

What are your favorite beach/ocean nonfiction books?

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