10 Black Dots

This morning we read “10 Black Dots” by Donald Crews. The simple rhyming text, along with minimalistic pictures in this book, take the reader on an adventure to see just what can be created with 1 dot, 2 dots, 3 dots etc.

After reading, I handed Big Kid a few strips of little black dots to see what she would make with them. At this age/stage we are still encouraging process art, so I did not have examples or an end goal in mind. I just wanted to see what she would create with her black dots after listening to the book.

Big Kid’s process art after reading “10 Black Dots”

You can see from the picture, she was more interested in peeling the stickers from the sheet, and putting them on the paper today, and that is fine! I asked her once if she wanted to draw something on her paper to use the dots like in the book, but she didn’t want to. As you can also see, she wanted to practice cutting, something she has been incredibly interested in over the past few weeks.

Books can be a great springboard for process art projects. They provide concrete ideas a child can use as inspiration for a project of their own.

What books have you used as inspiration for your child’s art recently?

If you are unfamiliar with process art, this article explains the what, why, and how.

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