Butterfly Butterfly: A Book of Colors

This shimmery covered book tells the story of a little girl who sees a butterfly fluttering around her garden. She loses sight of the butterfly, but discovers there are many other different colored bugs in her garden for her to enjoy. “Butterfly Butterfly” by Petr Horacek, introduces youngsters to colors in a subtle, natural way as they enjoy the bright pictures and simple story.

Coffee filter butterflies.

We used this book as inspiration for our own multi-colored butterfly which you can see in the top right corner of the picture. Big Kid was very interested when I pulled out some eye droppers for the first time. She had never used them before, but was excited to try. To make these adorable little butterflies, your child needs to color a dry, white coffee filter with washable markers. They then take an eye dropper and a dish of water, dropping the water on the colored coffee filter one drop at a time watching the colors bleed into each other. We took a wooden clothespin and cinched the coffee filter in the middle creating “wings” on either side. You could easily color the clothes pin, or use a pipe cleaner to create the same effect. This was a perfect quick, relatively mess free process art project for a young toddler to do independently.

Have you done any art projects related to butterflies lately?

If you are unfamiliar with process art, this article explains the what, why, and how.

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