Hello, I’m glad you found me!

I hope you are able to stick around and be inspired by the quality children’s books I use to enrich our family life in so many ways. We use books after having a shared experience as a family. We use books to inspire art, or cooking, or play. We use books after art, cooking, or play. We use books as part of our nap time and bedtime routines. We have books easily accessible in every room of our house, including the kitchen, and the car. We read books when my husband is not at meals. There are now even books in our 4-year old’s bed, which I’ve watched her pull out after she’s supposed to be sleeping.

I hope you are able to use some of these simple ideas in your own home to enrich your lives. Happy reading!

Be sure to check out the book lists page for seasonal and topic-specific book lists.

*Some links in posts are affiliate links, meaning I gain a small commission for every book you purchase using one of the links.*

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